Dual Auto Reverse Cassette Deck with Full Logic Transports, Dolby B/C Noise Reduction and HX Pro Head Room Extension
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Key Features
  • Full Logic Tape Transport Mechanism
  • Auto Reverse Mode with 5 Options:
    - Side A, Stop after Playing
    - Side A+B, Stop after Playing
    - Side A+B, Auto Reverse Continous Play
    - Side A+B, Both Drives, Auto Reverse Play, Stop after Playing
    - Side A+B, Both Drives, Auto Reverse Continuous (Endless) Play
  • Auto Reverse Recordings (Drives A)
  • Dolby B+C Noise Reduction Systems
  • HX-Pro Dynamic Headroom Expansion
  • Normal and High Speed Dubbing
  • Automatic Tape Selector (Normal, Chrome and Metal Tape)
  • Real Time Tape Counter..Memory Stop Function
  • Peak-Reading FL Record Level Meter (8 x 2 Segments) for Precise Manual Record Level Adjustment
  • Record Level and Record Balance Control
  • CD Synchronous Recording (Digi-Link III Connection)
  • AMS Automatic Music Search (Up to 20 Tracks)
  • Blank Skip Function..Headpone Jack
  • Automatic MPX Filter
  • Wow and Flutter (WRMS) : 0.08%
  • Frequency Response : 20-19,000Hz
  • S/N Ratio (Dolby C) : 76dB
  • Convenient Digi-Link III System Remote Control
  • All-Metal Cabinet with Aluminum Front Panel
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 440 x 125 x 245mm
  • Weight : 5.8kg